Squelch 2

Squelch 2 tells the tale of a purple blob that can change form and a space station filled with portals. Explore distant worlds and discover new forms.

Squelch is a little amorphous blob that awakes in a deserted space station filled with portals. Journey through different levels and unlock new forms for Squelch to take on. Each form grants a new way for Squelch to interact with the world and unlock more of its secrets.

Squelch 2 is a sequel to the first game (Squelch) developed to completion by Adrian Sugden. The sequel aims to explore mechanics that weren’t developed in the first game.

Squelch 2 is in active development, screenshots are not indicative of the final product and there is no release date set at this time.




2015-11-30 desert hub-20160410 hub-world-2016-03-19 menu-20160530 20160605


Coming Soon!

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