A Post Mortem: Abomination Tower

What went right

I got Steam I sold over 550 copies. Steam sales seem to work pretty well, I was able to sell over 100 more copies just by putting it on sale for 20% off for a weekly sale.

I proved to myself that I can take a game from idea to completion and sell it on Steam

What went wrong

Greenlight bundles

Greenlight bundles may sound like a good idea but in the long run I think they aren’t. Around the time of initial release I was made an offer to participate in a Greenlight bundle. Continue reading

I got greenlit! a pre-post-mortem of Abomination Tower

I wanted to write a bit of a post mortem for abomination tower then, literally a day after I thought that, I got greenlit on steam.

I worked on Abomination Tower for about 10 months after work and on weekends. I work a full time job but game dev has always been a hobby that I wanted to turn into a job. Abomination Tower, I decided, would be my first commercial attempt.

I built the game in Unity. I started with a working 2.5D prototype back in January and eventually I turned to the new 2D tools in unity to find my art style. Once the art style was locked in I started to work on levels.
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