A Post Mortem: Abomination Tower

What went right

I got Steam I sold over 550 copies. Steam sales seem to work pretty well, I was able to sell over 100 more copies just by putting it on sale for 20% off for a weekly sale.

I proved to myself that I can take a game from idea to completion and sell it on Steam

What went wrong

Greenlight bundles

Greenlight bundles may sound like a good idea but in the long run I think they aren’t. Around the time of initial release I was made an offer to participate in a Greenlight bundle. Continue reading

I got greenlit! a pre-post-mortem of Abomination Tower

I wanted to write a bit of a post mortem for abomination tower then, literally a day after I thought that, I got greenlit on steam.

I worked on Abomination Tower for about 10 months after work and on weekends. I work a full time job but game dev has always been a hobby that I wanted to turn into a job. Abomination Tower, I decided, would be my first commercial attempt.

I built the game in Unity. I started with a working 2.5D prototype back in January and eventually I turned to the new 2D tools in unity to find my art style. Once the art style was locked in I started to work on levels.
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Abomination Tower Alpha Demo

I have received some great feedback on the controls and difficulty of the game. I have implemented some changes based on this feedback and I think it is time to release a demo. The level in the demo is still a work in progress but I feel that it provides a good idea of what the game will be once it is complete.

The controls have had the final tweaks applied (I think) and all that is left to do is the creation of levels and more enemy types. I will also be continuing work on the procedural generation of the levels to make them more random but maintain a steady difficulty curve as you progress through the game.

Below are the links to the demo, and remember if you like the game go and vote for it on Steam Greenlight 🙂

Unity Webplayer Demo

Windows Download